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Hey There!

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my website. I'm a 19 year old makeup artist from the small town of Terrell, TX. Currently, I'm a full time makeup artist at the French Soiree Wedding and Event Venue and The Poison Apple Studios. However, my journey of being an all time MUA started not too long ago!

All About Me

As all aspiring makeup artists do, I started off as a young girl playing with my mothers makeup. My mother was also a cosmetologist while I was growing up, so I was always surrounded by a salon setting! My wonderful mother ended up owning three salons in her career, so this just fueled my desired to want to be an professional MUA.


My passion was something I have seen and experienced from an early age and it has helped my work shine in a different light.  As I progressed with my talents, I realized that the confidence makeup gave me is exactly what I wanted others to feel. With my mother now owning her own photo studio and wedding venue, I was able to practice on aspiring models and brides-to-be. Making women feel empowered and sexy is what I aim to do and I can't wait to show you just how gorgeous you can truly be!

Image by Wesley Tingey


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